My work explores the edge of legibility. I live in California, where the light is so stark and constant that I find myself almost blinded at times. Spending many hours on a computer screen, reading text embedded in flickering LCD lights, my eyes have to adjust to find the right legible edge.

I work with vibrant shellac inks on bright white Yupo paper, an absorbent PVC surface. In my paintings, I create a crisp division between the painted surface and the über-artificial white Yupo paper, which creates shape and form equally in the painted and the non- painted surface.

Neon acrylic paint gives the painting an additional element, playing with our spectral sensitivity.

I think that our daily use of screen devices changes our visual perception. As an artist I’m naturally interested in pursuing and exploring that idea.

In a similar vein, I’m interested in how painting can extend beyond the canvas to include a larger environment. My work, including paintings that cover the floor, explores how the artist can transform the viewing experience from distant appreciation to active participation.